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Egger® offers you high product quality and the latest trend orientated decors but also a wide variety of products and a full range of innovative Materials, Decors and Textures to suit every design requirement.
Egger® products comes in JP F0.3 (F****) formaldehyde release on the lowest possible technical level  - like natural wood. In combination with moisture resistance the particleboard meets the requirements for use in humid interior conditions and interior fitments in humid areas (e.g. bathroom, work surface) which fulfills the Australian standard AS/NZS 1859.1:2004 - class MR.

  Egger Worktop
 Egger Eurolight
Egger Laminates
 Egger Acoustic

Egger collection of decorative wood based materials for the furniture and interior design.More decors see brochure Egger Collection below or Visit Website

 Egger Eurospan  F900 ST9  H3090 ST22  H3078 ST22  H1277 ST9



 TitleCategorySize Modified Date
Egger Availability ChartAvailability Chart198.90 KBDownload6/27/2016
Opia Range (MattWood)Brochure7.61 MBDownload8/13/2019
Egger Wardrobe Builders Range (Low Resolution)Brochure1.38 MBDownload2/13/2019
Egger Wardrobe RangeBrochure18.59 MBDownload7/26/2018
Egger Wardrobe Builders RangeBrochure35.05 MBDownload4/12/2018
Egger Decor Combination PossibilitiesBrochure23.10 MBDownload11/22/2016
Egger 22mm J HandleBrochure1.10 MBDownload11/21/2016
Egger Perfect SenseBrochure3.90 MBDownload4/26/2016
Egger J HANDLE BrochureBrochure407.58 KBDownload11/3/2016
Egger Worktop Collection BrochureBrochure4.94 MBDownload11/22/2016
Egger FEELWOOD BrochureBrochure1.25 MBDownload10/14/2016
Egger Every Day Resource BrochureBrochure2.39 MBDownload12/10/2015
Egger Worktops BrochureBrochure1.06 MBDownload2/22/2016
Egger Environment-Sustainability-CYCLE BrochureBrochure284.38 KBDownload12/10/2015
Egger Floating Shelf BrochureBrochure2.87 MBDownload7/13/2017
Egger Eurospan BrochureBrochure515.69 KBDownload12/10/2015
Egger Eurolight BrochureBrochure1.26 MBDownload12/10/2015
Egger Collection BrochureBrochure5.47 MBDownload6/27/2016
Egger Chemical Resistance Technical Data SheetChemical Resistance Technical Data Sheet1.16 MBDownload12/10/2015
Zoom Egger Compact Laminate BrochureCompact Laminate Brochure467.71 KBDownload6/27/2016
Egger Compact Laminate Processing InstructionCompact Laminate Instruction Sheet3.65 MBDownload12/10/2015
Egger Compact Laminate Product Data SheetCompact Laminate Product Data Sheet646.59 KBDownload12/10/2015
Egger Compact Laminate Technical Data Sheet Leaflet Part 2Conpact Laminate Technical Data Sheet256.51 KBDownload12/10/2015
Egger Compact Laminate Technical Data Sheet Leaflet Part 1Conpact Laminate Technical Data Sheet599.05 KBDownload12/10/2015
Egger Compact Laminate Technical Data SheetConpact Laminate Technical Data Sheet62.20 KBDownload3/13/2017
Egger Eurolight Fire RatingEurolight Fire Rating Report2.20 MBDownload3/13/2017
Egger Eurolight Technical Data SheetEurolight Technical Data Sheet98.50 KBDownload12/10/2015
Egger PerfectSense Processing InstructionInstruction1.18 MBDownload6/21/2016
Egger Cleaning and Maintenance InstructionInstruction520.24 KBDownload4/20/2016
Egger Eurospan and Eurodekor Safety Data SheetsMaterial Safety Data Sheets52.35 KBDownload12/10/2015
Egger PerfectSense Technical Data SheetPerfectSense Technical Data Sheet654.92 KBDownload11/14/2016
Egger Technical BulletinTechnical Bulletin111.68 KBDownload11/2/2017
Egger Worktop Chemical Resistant ReportWorktop Chemical Resistant Report340.40 KBDownload8/26/2013


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