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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Standard & Custom Cabinets/Carcases

We produce cabinets/ carcases available in standard sizes or customized to your requirements. We use 16mm highly moisture resistant particle board in white detex finish with 1mm ABS Edge. Our product range brochure gives you an overview about our standard cabinets/ carcases.



For more information download our Carcase Brochure below. 



Carcase BrochureBrochure384.00 KBDownload
Adjustable Leg PositionInstructions707.06 KBDownload
APPM Appliance UnitsInstructions551.67 KBDownload
APPMH Appliance UnitsInstructions565.15 KBDownload
Bifold Door Boring DescriptionInstructions165.94 KBDownload
Component SheetInstructions622.19 KBDownload
Counter Top Installation Sheet 1Instructions280.22 KBDownload
Counter Top Installation Sheet 2Instructions646.67 KBDownload
Double Wall Drawer Runner Placement, 720 SheetInstructions197.29 KBDownload
Double Wall Drawer Runner Placement, 752 SheetInstructions198.35 KBDownload
Hinges and Adjustment GuideInstructions408.09 KBDownload
Installation Instructions - Step by Step GuideInstructions722.66 KBDownload
Lazy SusanInstructions92.54 KBDownload
M & PM Base UnitsInstructions518.34 KBDownload
MDC33 & PMDC33 Corner Base UnitsInstructions424.41 KBDownload
MDC45 & PMDC45 Corner Base UnitsInstructions307.95 KBDownload
MDSC & PMDSC Corner Base UnitsInstructions430.91 KBDownload
MDSCE & PMDSCE Corner Base UnitsInstructions430.91 KBDownload
MN & PMN Base UnitsInstructions577.58 KBDownload
MO & PMO 600, 700 & 800 Oven UnitsInstructions438.19 KBDownload
MO900 & PMO900 Oven UnitsInstructions388.17 KBDownload
MT Pantry Top Units Instructions374.29 KBDownload
MTH Pantry Top UnitsInstructions373.79 KBDownload
MU Pantry Top UnitsInstructions378.51 KBDownload
MUH Pantry Top UnitsInstructions374.82 KBDownload
MUHX Pantry Top UnitsInstructions378.77 KBDownload
MUX Pantry Top UnitsInstructions375.49 KBDownload
MVM Microwave Wall UnitInstructions384.77 KBDownload
MVMH Microwave Wall UnitInstructions389.95 KBDownload
MW & MWN Wall UnitsInstructions468.34 KBDownload
MWH Wall UnitInstructions381.40 KBDownload
MWL & MWA Wall UnitsInstructions450.14 KBDownload
MWO Wall Oven UnitsInstructions348.15 KBDownload
MWOH Wall Oven UnitsInstructions350.11 KBDownload
MWOHM Wall Oven UnitsInstructions396.65 KBDownload
MWOM Wall Oven UnitsInstructions392.60 KBDownload
MWP10 & MWHP10 Corner Pantry - Alternative InstallationInstructions292.21 KBDownload
MWP10 & MWPH10 Corner PantryInstructions353.20 KBDownload
Single Wall Drawer Runner Placement, 720 Sheet 1Instructions125.67 KBDownload
Single Wall Drawer Runner Placement, 720 Sheet 2Instructions120.08 KBDownload
Single Wall Drawer Runner Placement, 752 Sheet 1Instructions114.00 KBDownload
Single Wall Drawer Runner Placement, 752 Sheet 2Instructions120.91 KBDownload
Single Wall Fron Fix and AdjustmentInstructions552.73 KBDownload
Tall Unit InstallationInstructions389.34 KBDownload
VERL600 InstallationInstructions474.77 KBDownload
VERLADJ InstallationInstructions477.61 KBDownload
Wall Oven Drawer Runner PlacementInstructions107.28 KBDownload
Wardrobe Drawer Runner PlacementInstructions109.42 KBDownload
Wing Line InstallationInstructions428.63 KBDownload
Carcase System FormQuote/ Order Form808.09 KBDownload


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