How to measure and order your own benchtops

There are many benefits to giving your kitchen a refresh.

From improving your home’s value to adopting a new trend, a brand new kitchen isn’t always the solution.

Updating your benchtops is a cost-effective way to make improvements to your home and dramatically update the look of a dated kitchen.

How to tell if your benchtops need replacing

Your kitchen is a busy space.

The surfaces – most notably your benchtops – tend to be in continual use, contending with heat, moisture, chopping and spills regularly.

Compared to the rest of your kitchen, you’ll probably notice your benchtops start to look worn first.

Damage to your benchtops can occur in several ways depending on the material.

Wooden worktops might scratch or splinter, stone benchtops may chip or stain, and laminate benchtops might show damage owing to heat and water exposure.

Not only does damage to your countertops ruin the aesthetic, but damaged areas can also be harder to keep clean, and a clean workspace is so important when preparing food.

Fortunately, whether your benchtops are damaged, or you just want to refresh the space, replacing your benchtops can be quick and simple.

3 things to consider when updating your benchtops

1. Your benchtop material

Deciding what material to use for your new benchtops is probably the most exciting part.

Consider your budget, how you use your kitchen, and if you’re only replacing your countertops, make sure the colour and style will work with your existing cabinets.

2. Your benchtop supplier

If you’re replacing your benchtops yourself, you want to find a reliable supplier you can trust.

3. Your benchtop installation

Installing your benchtops yourself is a great way to save money on your home improvement project.

How to replace your benchtops yourself

Updating your benchtops is easy – when you know how.

For a simple swap of old for new, you could drop off your old benchtop for Proform to replicate in the new benchtop of your choice.

Alternatively, you can arrange for a member of the Proform team to measure your space, or you could measure up your benchtops yourself.

How to measure for your replacement benchtops

Follow these simple steps to measure and order your replacement benchtops with Proform.

  1. Download Proform’s benchtop order form.
  2. Use the grid paper to draw your kitchen plan. Draw to scale if possible.
  3. Note down the outside and internal measurements of your benchtops and provide these along with any critical measurements.
  4. Using the key provided on the order form, nominate where you would prefer your benchtop joins.
  5. Advise of the benchtop material (if known).
  6. Submit your benchtop order form via our contact page.

How replacing your benchtops with Proform works

Once you’ve submitted your order form, we’ll be in touch.

If you need help choosing your benchtop material, we have a complimentary in-house design service or you could simply visit our showroom for advice from our friendly team.

Once you’ve chosen your benchtops, we will provide a quote for the job.

Ready to update your benchtops?

Download our order form or contact us for further assistance.


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